Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Somthing to try....

Found this on an Etsy shop (which is temporarily closed) and I had a ah-ha moment. I have old jeans that hubby doesn't wear any more - but has kept for a "just in case" might still need. I have to mention hubby is not a pack rat, collector, or someone that holds on to things (except his wife of 40 years). Although, he does keep some things way beyond their expiration date -- his old jeans are one of those things. As if he could wear them anymore, they'd instantly fall down.

I'm going to raid his stash and start making some jean bags -- they'd work as shop bags, crochet bag, book bag, camp bag or a bag when one is needed. I love carry-alls and have a collection of them.  I am a pack rat, collector and someone that holds on to things that I usually don't need anymore, haven't used in eons but just can't part with (as in hubby of 40 years).

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