Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I want one!

I want a porch swing! I need a porch swing!
There is a magical quality to porch swings.  Perhaps it is the soothing rhythm or the reassuring creak of the porch swing that attracts us. Perhaps it is the companionable silence or quiet conversation. Or maybe swings simply remind us of more genteel times, sipping lemonade on a warm summer evening. 

 A remembrance of childhood a memory. Swinging on a swing set, being free, gliding above the ground, toes pointed reaching for the sky. Gaining confidence to stand, hang on and pump - pump high.

That's what I want - a porch swing. This is what I have now: a cedar glider that moves maybe 5 inches to and fro. It's a tease of what could be, what should be, of what's to come.
I have an idea -- take the glider apart and use the bench to make a real swing. I don't have a porch from which to hang said swing -- but I do have a deck -- a VERY large wrap-a-round deck. I could build a frame (and anchor it for the full out pumping experience) or build an extension from the roof line out to hang the swing from.
Either way, I want, I need, I have to have a deck swing.
Next summer's #1 project: the perfect spot to sip lemonade, watch the sunsets and enjoy our surrounding forest setting.