Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Summer Reading List

I have to admit this summer I read fewer books than I usually do. It may have been all the house projects that took away from my "read" time or that I got hooked on watching TV series on the computer. Of course the many TV series I watched was like reading a story with an immediate next chapter with the click of the mouse. Or was it that I haven't found a great new mystery author or series to peak my interest in a long time? Bored with reading? Never! Bored with what was sitting on the night stand to read next? Right On! So, here's my summer reading book reports -- some of the boring stuff and some of my summer's favorite authors next book.

SixKill by Robert B. Parker
Spenser's last story. (so sad) He's hired and then quickly fired to investigate the involvement of a slug of a celebrity in the death of a groupie. Along the way he mentors a trouble young man into maturity or at least has the smarts to recognize the youths potential when he sees it.
Good bye Mr. Parker, you're missed.

Buried Prey by John Sandford
One of John's best stories yet. The truth comes to light when two bodies are found during a house demolition. Lucas worked the case as a young cop. Now it's come back around and he's determined to get to the truth, find the murderer and close the book on this one. Lots of flashback chapters about Lucas' early cop years.

Hard Evidence by John Lescroart
A billionaire's body is washed up on one of San Francisco's shores.  Hardy is sitting in the ADA chair when it becomes a case of murder. Long drawn out story -- way tooooooo long.

The Legacy by Stephen Frey
A second film of the Kennedy assassination shot from the opposite side of the street from the Zupruder film. Who has it and where has it been for the last 30 some odd years? Great story premise -- poorly written -- very poorly written. 

One Dog Night by David Rosenfelt
Andy Carpenter doesn't really like lawyering, but when he's swept into a case, he's all over it.  Tara's (his dog) first owner is charged and confesses to an arson killing 26 people 6 years ago. But did he really do it? His life has changed over the last 6 years but that night still haunts him and Andy steps in to uncover the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin
Another "opps, the U.S. President was a bad boy" book. Good story, just not a great story. Yawn--boring.
Gone by Lisa Gardner
Oregon - FBI - missing agent- enough said
 I grabbed this book when I was hunting the aisle at the local book store. Wish I hadn't. But, to give it credit - it's part of a series (who knew?) so I didn't know all the background information, connections, etc. while reading it. I may go find the first of the series and start from the beginning. Or Not.....

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