Sunday, April 4, 2010

Journaling: Technique #2

Technique #2: Character Sketch
This is a form of descriptive writing. It is a written portrait of another person, or of some aspect of yourself. It's handy to use when you're having a conflict with someone, when you want to see how you might come across to someone else, or when you want to get to know the different parts of yourself in a more direct and intimate way.

• Imagine you're writing a novel and describe the character/person in detail. What they look like, how they think, their quirks, their humor, their personality.
• Imagine that you are a detective and write a character sketch of a person you know
• Write a character sketch of your best friend or someone you admire
• Write a character sketch of yourself, from the perspective of someone who knows you
• Write a character sketch of some aspect of yourself -- your youth, your future self, what you would/will look like in 5 years (your successes, your accomplishments, where are you? etc.)

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