Monday, April 12, 2010

Journaling: Technique #7

Technique #7: Dialogue
This is a journal technique that is a written conversation --- where you write both parts. It may feel like you're making it up (and well, you are!) but if you'll let yourself be a little bit uncomfortable, you might surprise yourself with how much useful information you'll give yourself.

You can write a journal dialogue with anyone or anything. Give your partner a name and refer to it in the dialogue. Something like this:
ME: Dialogue Partner, will you talk with me?
DP: Sure, Just ask me any question or make a statement, and I'll respond.
ME: Feels a little silly.
DP: You'll get the hang of it, just start writing

You can dialogue about a conflict with a person and start to see their perspective or write what is on your mind and write their response. You can dialogue with a part of your body to further understand what's going on (that ache in your side). You can dialogue with a feeling about an issue, circumstance or memory (was that really such a bad birthday?). You can dialogue with object (just what is that dining room table thinking). You can dialogue with something that keeps bugging you (the "honey do" list is still not done). etc. etc. etc.

Give yourself plenty of time. Have fun and expect the unexpected. If you hit silence - just wait, close your eyes and breathe - relax. Thank your dialogue partner and ask if you may speak again. Trust the process - trust yourself - trust your journal. (summarized from Kathleen Adams' Journal to the Self workbook)

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