Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Keep A Journal?

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Recently, I took a class on Journaling. Why not - I make journals, I might as well find out how to fill them. And fill them I did. The class was based on Kathleen Adams' workshop called Journal to the Self. We six woman gathered together to learn techniques, ideas, share stories, and write. We were lead by a certified instructor, in a safe environment, once a week and came away with new friendships, new insights and pages filled with words. The words are written just for me, no one else need see (or by invitation only) and not a diary per se, but a journey into discovering, through the written word, more about me. A new tool in resolving conflict, sorting feelings, having fun and letting the pen take me to places I hardly ever brought to light. You too, can become a writer of your words or at least learn some new techniques to add to your repertoire of writing the written word just for YOU.
(and here's the disclaimer: I'm not a certified instructor, just someone who likes to share. So, take the following few days of ideas and techniques with a grain of salt. Use them or ignore them --it's up to you.)
Why keep a journal?
Discover the writer within you
Keep a record for the future of how your life unfolds
Get to know the different parts of yourself
A journal is a friend in need
Heal your relationships
Access information stored in your subconscious and unconscious minds
Explore your dreams
Develop your intuition
Explore your creativity
Track the cycles, patterns and trends of your life
Get in touch with feelings, develop spontaneity, master self-discipline,
try on new behaviors, imagine your own possibilities
Or other reasons that appeal to you ... now!

The equipment and notes on journal writing
You'll need a journal or notebook (always one available at sam'studio.etsy) and
a writing utensil
Date every entry - allowing you to observe cycles, patterns and trends.
Keep what you write - it might have little relevance, now,
but may make more sense when you read it a few days from now.
Write quickly -- it will provide much more ready access to subconscious information and less liable to let you start thinking about what you're writing. Don't worry about spelling or grammar. Just write.
Start writing and keep writing - Just begin
Tell yourself the truth - Give yourself permission to write your own truth
Protect your privacy - Your journal is only for you. It is your true friend.
Write naturally - There are no rules! Write when you want to or when the mood strikes. You're the only one person who can write the story of your life , let yourself be you.

Technique #1
The five-minute Sprint
Pick a subject (any subject) Set the timer or check the clock and blast away. Stop writing when the time is up. Don't lift your pen off the page, just write - if you block, just write the subject word over and over. The time will go fast and you'll be surprised at the end what you've written and the direction you've taken.
Can't think of a subject? Use the first word that pops into your head. Or open a book and point to a word without looking and then write it. At a later date, we'll create a list to use, if you like lists. The five minute sprint is fun, easy and a rewarding start or finish to your day.
And most importantly -- Have Fun!

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